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We had constant reassurance from Michael Hurren and his amazing RV committee, that it was normal to feel this way and to just take that step. So I did!

One of the best decisions I've made along my journey. Conversations started in Darwin on the first day talking to another vet- eran willing to discuss the challenges they faced leading up to the trip (refreshing to say the least).

We travelled from Darwin Harbour to Tiwi Islands. I was on a boat skippered by John Cross who, volunteers his time and made me feel relaxed. We had great discussions on the journey over. John managed to get us onto some good fish the first afternoon and I think everyone had settled in and realized what an opportunity we had here.

That night we settled in on the mother ship "Sea Eagle" generously donat- ed by Dennis Smart and his deckhand Karl Schroter. This was a challenge for me as I normally like to isolate and not put myself out there. It took me a couple of days to really adjust to close quarters and being in each other's space which allowed us to connect and share this fishing experience together.

The conversations I shared with the staff and other clients were invaluable. There is nothing more comforting then listening to someone that has or is experiencing the same feelings and struggles that we all do. We laughed we cried and everything in between but it was some of the best therapy I've had along my journey. Yes, we caught fish and have photos to prove it. But for me it was more than just the fishing.

It was an opportunity to be able to talk to veterans from all different backgrounds currently going or have been through difficult times for lots of different reasons. People listened and helped me normalise things that traditionally held me back in my life.

I am refreshed and excited to keep in touch with the new connections l've made from this trip. I have no doubt there will be challenging days but I am certain that I could call anyone at any time if needed to and those who I shared this experience with know that I would be more than happy to return the support!

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