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This exciting program was launched last year in April by Michael Hurren, an experienced and respected veteran within the local community. Following an evaluation of the 2021 event and the positive outcome that was achieved, Reeling Veterans committee decided to expand and develop the mental health program to 2022 and beyond. By proactively supporting Reeling Veterans, sponsors will contribute to an innovative program that supports the skills devel- opment and confidence of our Veterans and first responders. Sponsors will also strengthen the social fabric of the community and help removed the stigma around mental health.


The mental health program will provide sponsors with access to local Defence and first responders and their families. Most of these clients reside in the Darwin and Palmerston regions, and many are families who utilize our local schools, shops and addition, our programs serve many seniors and people with mental illness in various capacities. Reeling veteran's capacity to provide sponsors with the potential to raise their profile in the community and reach new cus- tomers is extensive. We will provide sponsors with opportunities to promote their services to our many clients, members and supporters through various channels such as our newsletters, website, events and media exposure.

  • What Reeling Veterans Does?
    Enhance the well-being, resilience and potential of Veterans and first responders Assist Defence members and frontline personnel with support for mental health issues through fishing and mate ship.
  • How Does It Work?
    Reeling Veterans, is a special Fishing for therapy program designed to provide, confidence, mate ship and reduce stigma. In particular, the program seeks to help clients: Understanding of how thoughts and feelings influence behavior Develop social integration: The program is more than a 'one-off' experience. It is hoped that it will provide participants with a longer-term pathway to a lifetime of fishing and potential understanding of their mental health issues. The program is veteran run and delivered by professional, Mental Health First Aid and ASSIST qualified volunteer personal. As an entry-level fishing program, no prior fishing or boating experience is required and all equipment, including boats, is provided. By the end of the program the client will: Have learned the basic boating safety rules and procedures, and how to use safety equipment Understand how thoughts can influence choices. Understand how to cook/clean fish Better understanding of mental wounds.
  • Is My Contribution Tax Deductable?
    Yes - Reeling Veterans is a not-for-profit organisation, registered charity, governed by a volunteer Board. We are a small community organisation that provides services to more and more veterans each year. Operating for nearly 3 years in the NT, Reeling Veterans are committed to delivering quality community services of social value and practical benefit. Our vision is for a resilient and socially inclusive community that cares for the well-being of all veterans and first responders and their families. With our current agreement with Robertson barracks (Solider Recovery Centre) and the weekly trips we of them. Our current breakdown of clients we help is as such: Palmerston and surrounding suburbs 65%
  • How Does It Help?
    Our services provide assistance to people in all stages of life. Including day fishing trips, overnight and 5-day trips, assistance for those experiencing hardship, home maintance support, transition out of Defence force support and social activities for families. Day Fishing Trips: We provide day trips to help positively support with mental health development. We offer emotional and practical support to clients and their family, and help parents develop positive parent/child relationships. Solider Recovery Centre Trips: We provide weekly trips the SRC on Robertson Barrack. These trips offer emotional and practical support to current serving. Extended Trips: We manage this activity by providing a welcoming environment for allveterans and their family. These trips allow us to provide more one on one help putinto place welfare and support networks. These trips also help with bringing familiestogether and allow for parent to child bonding. Parent Reconnect Trips: Mental illness put a lot of pressure on families. We provide parent, child trips to help reconnect them with their children and to helppromote a strong family. Community: We provide fishing trips to local families experiencing hardship, in partnership with local parliamentary minsters. We hold regular get together activitiesto bring people together to share their experience and to socialise and meet similarpeople.



    Sponsor a Veteran or First Responder to participate in the Program in either Townsville or Darwin.
    • Your Sponsor Logo on Our Boat
    • Your Sponsor Logo Included in a Social Media Post
    • Your Sponsor Logo Included on an Event Shirt
    • Your Sponsor Logo With a Link Added to Our Website
    • Invitation To One of Our Annual Fundraising Events

    Every year
    Sponsor one of our majour events in either Townsville or Darwin
    • All Inclusions of A veteran Sponsor PLUS
    • Our Logo "Proud Sponsor of Fishing for Therapy" on Your Site
    • Logo Included on All Promotional Material Print & Digital
    • Advertisement in 2 Reeling Veterans' Newsletters Annually

    Every year
    Sponsorship is promoted in both Darwin and Townsville
    • ALL Inclusions In Veteran & Gold Sponsor PLUS
    • Invitation To All Fundraising Events
    • Personal Presentation at Major Annual Event
    • Sponsor Logo Included On All Electronic Mailouts to Members

Or Contact Us For More Options

Your support makes a difference to Veterans and first responders, so jump on in and get involved!

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